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Jack Carty

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Prior to starting the brain training, I found myself after games wondering why I made erratic and silly decisions on the field.

The brain training has definitely reduced this from where it was and hopefully will continue to do so. I found as the weeks went on that I have nailed my job on the field rather than trying to do something inaccurate and spur of the moment.

I know when it’s the correct moment to try something outside of the basics (individual skill). NFT has reduced my overthinking prior to games which has helped nerves. Noticed a slight improvement in moving on from mistakes on the field.

However, still find myself trying to do something spectacular to make up for previous mistake. Still find myself beating myself up over silly errors more out of frustration. Anxiety and stress prior to a game is controlled and find I’m in a better focus on the day of games.

Find my basics have improved somewhat. I am training as well/good as I ever have. I believe that these improvements are in some cases translating on field. The inconsistency comes when I make a mistake and try to fix it rather than doing the next job.

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