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Eoin McKeon

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

The main reason was to improve myself from a mental side of things. I was attracted to this new form of training as I think it will be a bigger area for training in the future.

There hasn’t been a huge difference, but the noticeable difference is the reduction of decision-making errors. Still find it hard to keep concentration.

Given last weekend’s game against the No. 1 ranked team [Glasgow Warriors] and all that was riding on it, I felt quite calm pre-game.

It’s hard to say whether my performance has been affected. I would say that my decision-making has been sharper, where the execution could still be better.

Although there hasn’t been a ‘eureka’ moment as such, I am privileged to be given the opportunity to better myself as a player and given the scientific findings/results, I would be happy to continue the training. I also think this area will have a lot more focus on it in the future

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