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The Future of Elite Performance

Doctor Analyzing X-Rays

Dr. Michael Keane

Co-founder, Doctor and Behavioural Neuroscientist:

“Using the latest advances in neurotechnology, we help you perform at your best, consistently and reliably"

For the first time ever, we are making our services available to anyone that wants to improve their performance and be at their best. 

Goal & Performance Assessment 

We work with you directly to build a plan that will maximise your potential. 

Performance Hardware & Software

We supply everything you require and give you access to online support. 

Performance Success Plan

We focus on your success which means you can focus on doing the work and getting the results. 

Grunge, League of Legends - Twisted Minds

“When I first met the team I was skeptical but within 3 months my performance has improved to a whole new leve. I am more focused, less distracted and I am winning more and more ."
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