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Neuroscience is the Next Frontier for Elite Sporting Performance


Welcome to Replikate Neuro

Our mission is to provide the edge that distinguishes the good from the great and the champions from the rest.

With ReplikateNeuro, our team of neuroscientists transform subtle neuroscientific insights into game-changing advantages, transcending the established limits of performance and results.

“Using neurotechnology, we help you perform at your best, consistently and reliably"Dr. Michael Keane.

The greatest achievers understand the crucial role that the mind plays in achieving success

Through our in-depth knowledge of the neuroscience underlying elite athletic performance, we have innovated Neuro Pro Technology, which revolves around three fundamental principles.
Results Driven

What is Neuro Pro Technology?

Our Neuro Pro technology builds upon classic neurofeedback training, which trains the brain to function more efficiently. With over 12 years of experience, we understand the importance of delivering a unique protocol for every athlete because no two brains are the same.


Neuro Pro training offers significant benefits for elite athletes in enhancing their performance and overall well-being. By providing real-time information on brain activity, neurofeedback enables athletes to optimize their mental states and improve focus, concentration, and emotional regulation.


This training helps athletes identify and address cognitive and emotional patterns that may hinder their performance, allowing them to develop mental resilience, reduce stress, and enhance decision-making skills under pressure. Furthermore, neurofeedback can facilitate faster recovery, promote sleep quality, and help athletes achieve peak performance by enabling them to access their optimal brain states. Ultimately, neurofeedback training empowers elite athletes to unlock their full potential by harnessing the power of their minds and enhancing their athletic abilities.

3D Brain Maps

To provide further detail on brain function, we utilise an important tool in Neuroscience called LORETA (this stands for Low-Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography).


This gives us a clearer picture of what is happening not only at the surface or cortex, but in subcortical areas as well, using 3-D rendering. In this client, for example, we can see suboptimal function in the frontal cortex:

Neurofeedback brain scan

A 3-D model of this functioning allows for an even more precise localisation of the dysfunctional area at the front of the brain

Brain neurofeedback

A 3-D model of brain function, showing the same areas of deviance as above. These models allow precise localisation of problem areas in the brain.

With this information, we can begin to build a very precise picture of what your brain is doing and how we might help it to function more efficiently. Remember, if your brain works better, you work better.

Neurofeedback training

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